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Advanced Authentication for Law Enforcement

Achieve CJIS security policy compliance with eAgent X2 advanced authentication (AA), a cost-effective solution that works


“eAgent X2 meets all of our requirements, and it was implemented quickly and efficiently.”

– Julio Perez, Hallandale Beach Police Department

● Is your agency searching for a more secure sign-on to protect access to sensitive systems?

Is your agency required to be compliant with the FBI CJIS Security Policy for implementing AA?

Does your agency want a simple, no-nonsense solution that was designed specifically for law enforcement agencies?

If so, eAgentX2 is a solution perfectly suited for your department.

● Complete compliance with the Advanced Authentication mandate in the CJIS Security Policy

● Incredibly cost-effective solution with simple set up and administration

Four different two-factor authentication methods, including one-time-PIN tokens, SMS text, smartphone app & more

Easy integration with major Mobile VPN providers (Cisco, RadioIP, NetMotion ver. 9.51 and higher, and Columbitech)

Integration with RADIUS, Active Directory and LDAP (or we can do a custom backend integration)

● Three different access levels for delegated user authority

Security attacks against government departments have increased dramatically. This increase has fueled the growth of the Multifactor Authentication market. Unfortunately, many vendors have used this security fear to promote their expensive authentication products that have unnecessary bells and whistles or that were developed for different industries like banking or healthcare (not law enforcement).

eAgent X2 was designed to be a secure and simple solution that focuses on the core implementation needs of law enforcement agencies. By focusing on the fundamentals, eAgent X2 is not over-priced like competitors’ solutions. eAgent X2 is also incredibly easy to implement and administer, further saving your agency’s IT staff valuable time.

Yes. Many law enforcement agencies and criminal justice departments are facing a looming CJIS mandate requiring AA. This solution will get your agency compliant with all of the requirements set forth by the CJIS Security Policy version 5.2.

And we will keep you in constant compliance by automatically providing updates should the mandate change. Since law enforcement is our core business, our project managers and developers stay on top of the ever-evolving security policies.


eAgent X2 - CJIS Compliant Advanced Authentication

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