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Diverse Computing, Inc. Announces a New Project with South Dakota’s Department of Public Safety

Date Posted - 8th May 2017 |  Category - About Our Company, Projects & Partnerships

Diverse Computing, Inc. Announces a New Project with South Dakota’s Department of Public Safety for Modernizing Their South Dakota Law Enforcement Telecommunications System

TALLAHASSEE, Fla., May 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — South Dakota’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) contracted with Diverse Computing, Inc. (DCI), a national leader in criminal justice software and compliance solutions, on a software modernization and replacement project for its South Dakota Law Enforcement Telecommunications System (SD LETS). The SD LETS system is designed to provide criminal justice professionals such as law enforcement, courts, and correctional institutions with information about individuals with whom they have contact or interest. For example, SD LETS will inform a police officer that a violator has a criminal history or is wanted on a warrant for their arrest.The modernized SD LETS will include a commercially available solution that will provide the breadth of services required of modern Hot Files and Message Switch systems. The new system will be scalable to meet the increasing functionality and capacity demands placed on it by law enforcement and criminal justice professionals.

Amy Mancuso, South Dakota Law Enforcement Telecommunications Director at DPS, said of the partnership, “The South Dakota Department of Public Safety has long been committed to keeping South Dakota a safe place to live, work, visit and raise a family. Our mission and our values have compelled us over the years to implement technology and systems that provide reliable information to criminal justice professionals and law enforcement officers. Diverse Computing’s innovative technology is a great fit with our state’s current infrastructure, and their commitment to public safety is well aligned with our department’s priorities. We believe this important project will position the South Dakota Department of Public Safety, and our stakeholders to be more effective and efficient by improving our information sharing capabilities. The outcome of this effort will be an enhanced ability to fulfill our mission to protect the citizens and visitors of the State of South Dakota.”

In response to South Dakota’s request, DCI proposed a replacement of the current system with a customized version of its eAgent FUSE (a message switch routing engine) and Hot Files products. eAgent FUSE will interface with existing systems and the standard SD LETS user interface to support and enhance South Dakota’s DPS’ protection of the public, and it will be customized to meet the State of South Dakota’s specific needs. DCI has begun work on the system and is excited to continue the project in the coming months.

DCI Business Consultant, Jamie Blakley, remarked, “DCI is excited to join the South Dakota Department of Public Safety team, and to become a participant and stakeholder in the fulfillment of their public safety mission. We appreciate the opportunity to provide our state-of-the-art eAgent software suite to modernize the SD LETS. South Dakota has a history of providing technology and systems to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of information sharing for criminal justice professionals, and DCI is honored to now be a part of that legacy. DCI has a strong commitment to our customers’ success in fulfilling their mission. We look forward to a long-standing relationship with South Dakota DPS, and to implementing a solution that will securely deliver critical decision-making information to law enforcement.”

Diverse Computing, Inc. is a specialty software and consulting company that develops NCIC/CJIS end-user access and message switch applications for federal, state and local criminal justice agencies. Through its CJIS Audit and Compliance Experts Division (CJIS ACE), DCI provides criminal justice agencies and vendors with a full suite of “all things CJIS” consulting services. More than 1600 agencies throughout the country utilize the DCI software to perform their duties every single day.