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DCI and Nlets provide CHIEF to the Metropolitan Police Department

Date Posted - 15th Aug 2011 |  Category - About Our Company, Projects & Partnerships


Exchanging Criminal History Records from state to state is completely necessary. It is also chaotic, aggravating, time consuming and complicated for out of state users to decipher unfamiliar, state specific formats. Law enforcement agencies are in dire need of a solution. Nlets (the International Justice and Public Safety Network) has answered the prolonged dilemma. With their newly approved Criminal History Information Exchange Format (CHIEF) Grant, Nlets has teamed up with Diverse Computing, Inc. (DCI) to provide Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Washington, DC a standardized criminal history transmission format. This format supports a greater range of information making it easier to comprehend. In conclusion, MPD now has access to simplicity.

Through this partnership and DCI’s extensive programming knowledge, MPD has implemented the standardized exchange of rap sheets using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) with the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). Therefore, when MPD receives an out of state rap sheets they now see it in their familiar format. This provides swift, secure, and reliable access to criminal history information. Nlets Director of Business Development, Bonnie Locke, made the following comment regarding the project:

“As a part of an ongoing effort to maintain national leadership in Criminal History reporting, the District of Columbia recently participated in the Nlets CHIEF (Criminal History Information Exchange Format) grant, funded by a grant from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. This grant was designed to promote the utilization of XML as a means to standardize the display of Criminal History rap sheets to users of this information around the country. The new XML rap sheet is designed so that legacy users see no difference in the rap sheet that they have always used, but the Computerized Criminal History system now responds to queries from Nlets in a format that meets national standards for both format and technology. This project cost the District of Columbia Zero development dollars!

DCI partnered with Nlets in this important initiative, not only in the District of Columbia, but also in Florida, and has provided valuable system and subject matter expertise in these projects.”

DCI and MPD have a strong relationship due to many past projects including MPD’s transition to the eAgent Message Switch System which also allowed MPD to utilize eAgent Client and eAgent Web. DCI has also worked with MPD to provide a new Hot Files System, CCH System, DMV Interface, and Gun Registration Interface. All the projects receive continued maintenance and emergency support.

DCI excels in providing cutting-edge software solutions to law enforcement agencies across the country at federal, state and local levels. The eAgent product suite delivers fast, reliable access to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Nlets (the International Justice and Public Safety Network) and state Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS) while complying with FBI and state CJIS security policies. The eAgent Law Enforcement Network consists of over 2,000 agencies and 35,000 users nationwide, and is constantly expanding and continuing to dominate in the industry.

Nlets is the premiere interstate justice and public safety network in the nation for the exchange of law enforcement-, criminal justice-, and public safety-related information. Nlets, which is owned by the States, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was created over 40 years ago by the principal law enforcement agencies of the States. The user population is composed of all of the United States and territories, all Federal agencies with a justice component, selected international agencies, and a variety of strategic partners that serve the law enforcement community—all cooperatively exchanging data. The types of data being exchanged varies from motor vehicle and drivers’ data, to Canadian and Interpol databases, to state criminal history records and driver license and corrections images. Operations consist of over 1 billion transactions a year to over 600,000 PC, mobile and handheld devices in the U.S. and Canada at 45,000 user agencies and to 1 million individual users.

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For more information about Nlets, please visit http://www.nlets.org/ or send an email to press@nlets.org.



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