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Diverse Computing, Inc. Makes List of Top 100 Best Companies to Work For

Date Posted - 3rd Aug 2017 |  Category - About Our Company

Diverse Computing, Inc. Makes List of Top 100 Best Companies to Work For



TALLAHASSEE, Fla., August 3, 2017 — Diverse Computing, Inc. was named one of Florida’s “Best Companies To Work For” by Florida Trend magazine. In its first year taking the survey, DCI ranked #12 in the Small Company category, making it the top small business technology company in Tallahassee.


Free catered lunch every day is just one perk in an office with an inviting atmosphere and a strong sense of community engagement. Desiree Fraser, Systems Consultant, sees DCI as unique in that respect. “Diverse Computing truly cares. Not just for the the well-being of their employees but for the community as well. You don’t see that at many places,” she said.


The careful balance of culture, communication, workplace environment, and benefits is what earned the young company its place among Florida’s top employers. To participate in the survey, companies are evaluated on their policies, practices, and demographics. Then, a randomly selected group of employees fills out a questionnaire measuring their satisfaction in various categories.


This combination of fun perks and attention to employee morale is typical of the top performers on the list. “The best companies obviously provide strong pay and benefits to their employees, but they also offer fun diversions such as ice cream socials, holiday parties, and field days,” said Florida Trend Publisher Andy Corty. “And these top companies encourage employees to participate in the organization’s overall success with training and open communications.”


The ping-pong table, dog-friendly office, and modern decor at Diverse Computing  draw people in, but what keeps the turnover rate so low is open dialogue and the feeling of being important to the company’s mission and values. Employees confirmed this in the survey. Many indicated that the small size of the company helps them feel more appreciated, makes teamwork more rewarding, and allows for open communication among all team members, from interns to company owners.


Management at DCI also believes in maintaining a healthy work/life balance. They celebrate employee birthdays with games and food, for instance, but they also foster a professional atmosphere in which young professionals can learn and succeed.


In order for all of this to come together, a company needs to hire people who set a good example and work well with each other. Sales and Marketing Manager Lester Hutt knows that all of this comes down to finding people who will be the best fit and match for the long-term vision of a company. “Diverse Computing is all about creating a great culture for its employees, and a great culture comes from hiring the right people,” he said. “When it comes to our working environment, intentional recruiting plays just as large a role as the benefits we offer.”


These high levels of employee satisfaction not only lead to lower turnover, but also influence relationships with customers. “Studies show that employees who feel empowered and supported provide better service to their clients,” said Chief Innovator Tony Pun. “At Diverse Computing we have very high rates of customer satisfaction, and that’s largely a result of striving for the success and happiness of our employees.”


Senior management at DCI believes in promoting the success of all their employees — even the interns. Although interns were not included in the Florida Trend survey, they play a significant role in adding to the unique company culture at Diverse Computing. Instead of doing remedial tasks like making copies or delivering coffee, junior staff members gain professional experience working on real-world projects with many of DCI’s crucial customers. In fact, most part-time interns go on to full-time, long-term employment with the company.


It’s clear that management cares about the success of young professionals in the Tallahassee community. This is evidenced by their involvement with the students at Florida State University. DCI intentionally recruits from within the Tallahassee community and participates every semester in events such as the Tally Job Hop, which it co-founded, and the FSU College of Communication and Information’s Career Fair.


Diverse Computing is very proud of its distinct culture and the fun things they do together as a team. From corporate fitness challenges, to archery tag, to the legendary Christmas party — they always have something planned. The team even eats lunch together every day, further cementing the sense of community and teamwork at the company. To see a list of the different perks and benefits offered at Diverse Computing, visit the Careers page.


DCI is honored to be recognized as one of the best companies to work for in Florida and the best small technology company in Tallahassee. Diverse Computing is a national leader in developing criminal justice software and compliance solutions. The firm keeps officers and the public safe by providing products and services that meet the needs of law enforcement agencies across the country.